Historian Agent

Background on Historian Agent

As you already might have learned, Sentilo does not persist data forever because of limited system resources.

Commonly used setup of a Sentilo instance is to employ one of the agents to copy the data into some external database or storage.

Since the data volumes can be fairly big and the data are mostly structured (except when the observations are text), it is convenient to use a scalable solution for time series such as OpenTSDB.

OpenTSDB installs of top of HBase and HDFS. Exposes a HTTP REST API and can be used from Grafana as one of it’s datasources.


Historian Agent is configured with a set of .properties files in sentilo/sentilo-agent-historian/src/main/resources/properties.


Property Description Comments
topics-to-index Regexp pattern on event name that enables including/excluding events

Examples of configuration


Subscribes to all events


Subsribes only to data of 2 providers


Property Description Comments
opentsdb.url URL of the OpenTSDB instance  
batch.size How many evens are sent to OpenTSDB at once. Every HTTP request consumes certain amount of resources, thus is convenient to use a OpenTSDB bulk API. The agent won’t send events to OpenTSDB until batch.size events occurred.
batch.workers.size Number of threads the agent Determines how many parallel threads communicate with OpenTSDB.
batch.max.retries Number of retries when OpenTSDB is unavailable Number of intents for upload to OpenTSDB instance.

Configuration of HDFS, HBase, OpenTSDB and is beyond the scope of this document and can be easily followed on their respective web pages.

Compatible versions

Sentilo has been successfully used in with these versions:

  • Hadoop 2.7.2
  • HBase 1.2.1
  • Opentsdb 2.2.0
  • Grafana 3.0.4